Technical Articles

Articles on events, boat set up and project construction along with some general RC Boating articles will appear here. Browse the list and select the article title that interests you. If you don't find something of particular interest try posting a question on our Face Book page "Edina Model Yacht Club" for help and advice.

AMYA #205 Article - Fall 2021 and cover page

Model Builders Scale Chart - Jim Smith

Gingerbread Lighthouse - Anne Korzaway

Water Skier - by Dale Johnson

EMYC Fast Electric boat guide by A.Valentine, rev. by D. Petrich, L. Simonson

EMYC Sail boat Guide by Tony Johnson

LS Hydro - Fast Electric SPEC by Andy Valentine

LS Offshore - Fast Electric SPEC by Andy Valentine

LS Mono - Fast Electric SPEC by Andy Valentine

Electro Vee - suggested parts and equipment by Dan Proulx & Andy Valentine

The Three Star River Tow Boat by Michael Ross, Mark IV RiverTowBoatPlans, MarkIV RiverBoatIntro

EMYC Sails to Success–A Club History by Ronald D. Schroeder

2017 Parade of Boats Poster

2015 Parade of Boats by John Bishop

2015 Lighthouse Night by Dale Johnson, Flyer/poster