Scale Boat News

What is a scale boat? Scale boats often resemble real boats, are powered with electric or stream motors, have a great deal of detail, and move at near scale speeds - slow, less than 15 mph real speed. Examples include: war ships, tug boats, and pleasure craft. The club prefers to run these boats on the Center Pond at Centennial Lakes so that little or no damage occurs if boats collide.

Fast boats, over 15 mpg real speed, are considered Fast Electic (FE) boats designed for maximum speed. The club prefers these boats run on the South Pond at Centennial Lakes where there is more space and no scale boats to collide with.

We share tips and project progress at monthly Membership Meetings (third Tuesday per Events tab)

If the pond in Edina Minnesota USA is frozen solid, we take this time to build new or improved boats. Otherwise we might be at the pond!

Refer to the Questions and Answers, Location, Events pages, or Facebook group for current happenings.