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oWhat is the Edina Model Yacht Club?
oWhere is the Edina Model Yacht Club?
oWhat kind of boats are at the Edina Model Yacht Club?
oWhat does it cost to get started?
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oWhat events does the club hold?
oWhere can I get additional information?
oHow fast can the boats go?
oWhat are the power requirements?
oWith so many people out there, are there frequencie problems?
oHow do I get to the boating pond and Hughes Pavilion?
oDo you rent the boats for use?
oWhat is the club history?


About EMYC
The Edina Model Yacht Club (EMYC) was formed in 1991 as a non-profit, radio controlled model boat club. Membership consists enthusiasts of all ages, backgrounds, hobby-building skills, and interests. The primary club objective is creating a relaxing and friendly environment for hobbyists to operate model boats. Although casual in nature, the EMYC is structured and well organized in its activities and group planned functions.

The Centennial Lakes area in Edina, Minnesota serves as the home port for the EMYC and its on-water activities. This 1/4 mile long man-made lake winds its way through a 20 million dollar shopping and residential complex. The lake area is fully landscaped and is meticulously maintained by the City of Edina. It has become a favorite place for many to stroll, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. Food and shopping are available as well. Centennial Lakes, Edina, MN, USA

Types of boats
The club operates wind, electric and steam powered boats. No internal combustion powered boats are allowed on the lake in order to maintain the peaceful atmosphere. The club fleet includes: Sail, Scale, and Fast Electric (FE).

Sailors gather on the south and center ponds. The South Pond is best for sail boating with some open non-competitve boating on the center pond.

The majority of EMYC boaters participate in scale craft. You see them on the center pond on any of the open boating nights. You can see replica's of the Mahogany Barrel Backs or a Chris Craft pulling water Skier's! Tugs that smoke and Steam powered craft. Although some are designed and crafted from scratch, the majority are built from kits. Anything that floats is acceptable but the most unusual and interesting boats tend to be those created from original designs. Speed limited to less than 15 MPH.

The north pond is a great place for a Fast Electic events. Sail and Scale boats typically do not run on the north pond, which makes this pond better to run fast boats. Always be carefull driving your boat when people and other boaters are around.

The uniqueness of the hobby is a consequence of the radio control equipment, consisting of a hand-held transmitter that communicates with a receiver in the model. As controls are moved on the transmitter, commands are sent to the receiver, which operate features such as propulsion motors, rudder, sail position, lights, horns, water pumps, etc. By using all of the radio frequencies available plus 2.4ghz, over many models may be operated simultaneously.

The two major components are the boat itself, and the radio equipment. Prices of sail and electric powered boat kits start below $100 and progress upward, depending on the size, quality of materials, number of parts, etc.
The models range at approximately $200, while minimum radio gear prices start in the neighborhood of 50 dollars. As with the kits, the cost increases as additional radio features and options are added. Also, as a model is constructed either from scratch or kit, extras such as glue, sandpaper, paint, etc. are needed. Taking these items into consideration, it may cost approximately a few hundred and several hours building time to get a complete and nicely finished boat model operating.
For Fast Electric racing expect the cost to be $200 and upward. Some race boats can cost much more than that. Be sure to ask one of the racers for help in choosing the right boat for your needs. From a beginners kit in a box to an all-out race design with custom ordered parts, we can help you find it. We can also help you avoid common pitfalls of getting started in this hobby!
Sail, Scale, or Fast Electric don't forget the cost of support equipment. Radio, Batteries, Charger, among other maintenance needs. This is often overlooked and in some cases your better off with cheaper equipment where as in others you would benefit from higher quality stuff.

Membership in the EMYC enables one to participate in regular running activities and be more involved in monthly meetings, special events, and social gatherings. Monthly meetings also serve as a common base for exchanging ideas, information, and interests. Annual membership fee covers expenses the club incurs for one calendar year. A monthly (except December) newsletter keeps the membership informed of activities and events.

Attend some of our events or meetings to get a feel for the club and groups. That may help you decide on becoming a member. Several have done so over recent months and went on to become members.

We have an event calendar for each season, in addition to the regular running times. We hold a variety of activities such as building seminars, club regattas, public shows, demonstration events, swap-meets, and an end-of-the-season "Dry Dock" party.

Additional information
Additional information may be obtained by writing to the Edina Model Yacht Club, Centennial Lakes Hughes Pavilion, 7499 France Avenue South, Edina MN 55435, or by attending a club meeting-held on the third Tuesday of each month (except Dec.) at 7:00 PM in the Centennial Lakes maintenance garage (Band Room). You can even swing by anytime during the open boating sessions and ask a club member for information. We'd be glad to help you.

The wind governs Sailboat speed. Some boats cross the pond at great speeds. The scale boats vary from put-put Tugs and Barges to ten mile per hour Police and Coast Guard boats. Fast Electric boats can exceed 40mph, truly a sight to see! Please run these boats away from sail and scale boats. Speed is limited to less than 15 MPH on the center and south ponds.

Power Requirements
Anything powered by Wind, Steam, or Electricity is allowable. However, Fast Electric(FE) boats that will go faster than fifteen mph (Viper, Dagger, Fighter etc.) should use the North pond for fast runs. We've had a few collisions between FE and scale boats and the last thing we want is someone to lose a "Winter Project" to a watery grave. Gas/Nitro powered boats are not permitted by EMYC and the city of Edina.

Digital 2.4ghz Radios do not use fixed frequencies. These systems operate without frequency or 'channel' concerns.

Analog Radio systems have a fixed number of available frequencies or 'channels'. When using such a radio it is very important that you check with other modelers and negotiate run times with the current user. We should all be fair on this so that boats don't lose control and accidents occur. "Do onto others as you'd want others to do onto you". Some of these boats have literally months of time put into their construction, and replacement value would be astronomical.

Boats for Rent
We currently do not offer our boats for rent. Each boat is owned by a private member of Edina Model Yacht Club. It would be up to that individual owner to allow the borrowed use of there model.

Edina Model Yacht Club (EMYC) was formed in 1991 as a nonprofit social radio controlled model boat club. Membership consists of approximately 80 enthusiasts annually from all parts of the metro area, of all ages, backgrounds, hobby building skills and interests. The primary objective in the formation of the club was to create a relaxing and friendly environment for hobbyists in which to operate model boats. Although casual in nature, the EMYC is structured and well organized in its activities and group planned functions.

EMYC Sails to Success–A Club History by Ronald D. Schroeder